With the world changing to green energy, electric powered transport will the very near future replacing all the fossil fuel powered transport. Because the fossil fuel petrol and diesel combustion emit carbon- di-oxide and which is a green house gas leading to rise in global temperature and environmental consequences.  Due to this there are numerous companies venturing into this electric vehicle segment. There are many upcoming electric vehicle dealers in Singapore. EGT Scooter is one of them who sells lightest scooter which are electric powered and known for electric scooter rental service.

These scooters comply with LTA scooters norms. The electric scooters are light weight and simple in design with a very few working parts compared to fossil fuel scooters, though the cost of electric scooter is not very less with comparison to petrol scooters. The major cost in electric scooter is its batteries cost. There are different technologies of batteries incorporated into the scooters. One is older lead acid battery which is the cheapest as of today but is bulky and heavy with very limited life of nearly about 200 cycles of charging.

egt scooter background

The other is lithium ion based batteries; yes the same which powers our mobile phones laptops etc. But this lithium ion battery is almost twice costly than lead acid as of today although its price is dropping with mass production and technological advancement. The advantages of this lithium ion battery are light weight more than double life than lead acid battery.

The EGT Scooter Company has solution if you cannot afford for purchase of electric scooters by their electrical scooter rental services. LTA scooters norm electric scooter have maximum speed of 25km/hr which is ideal for commutation in Singapore without any hassle.

Also, they said to have large variety of lightest scooters which weigh very less and occupy very less space.


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