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Singapore Scooter Shop is a web portal and E-Scooter Dealing Company under the renowned SSS group. We are team who believe that the customer is like a king and strive to ensure you are respected and treated like a king. Our efforts and drive doesn’t just come from one person but from all of our partners and employees. SSS team ensures that together we will make your experience that you can never forget. That’s why our website is your one stop shop for two wheelers.

PMDs can be defined as wheel chairs that include electric power or a power operated vehicle, like a scooter. Besides all this, we also brought an editorial page section where you can find out the latest market news about two-wheeler industry like bikes, bicycles and PMDs; find feature stories and great advisory stories that will help you become a better rider and help you maintain your bike as well.


Living in a city like Singapore without proper transportation is a huge disadvantage. SSS is .always ready to help our customer to sort out their regular commute hassles. Instead of buying second hand bikes that might not work as efficiently, we offer bikes, PMDs and Electric Scooter rental in all the cities. If you’re new to the city and you need a hassle free solution for your travel, look no further than hiring bikes from SSS in Bangalore.

To start with, Singapore Scooter Shop has rented out 50 e-scooters to individuals, express delivery services and corporate houses on a monthly rent of SGD 3,350. Unlike the regular e-bikes 250-Watt available in the stores which have a speed limit of 25 KMPH, these scooters comes with 750 Watts, can run at 50 KMPH and require vehicle registration.

The company SSS has its own marketing network of Regional Sales Offices all over Singapore, catering to customer’s requirements in the areas of sales and services. We welcome you to feel the experience with us.


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